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Why Beverages Matter as Part of the 12 Effective Ways to Deal with Belly Fat Once and for All

Consider beverages when thinking about the 12 Effective Ways to Deal with Belly Fat Once and for All. Consumption of water, alcohol, and sugary drinks may seem harmless, but can effectively sabotage an otherwise responsible diet. Here is what anyone with belly fat should know about how they choose to hydrate.

Watch Dairy Intake

Dairy products have calcium and protein that bodies need. Unfortunately, milk also has calories that can add up quickly. A glass of milk at dinner, a splash of milk with tea or coffee, or a cup in a bowl of cereal is easy to forget when calorie counting.

Stop Water Weight

Water retention causes bellies to become more noticeable. In this instance, it is time to increase consumption. Dehydration causes people to retain fluid. It may seem strange to flush away excess fluid with more fluid, but that is what water does. As the body gets the water it needs the system no longer holds excess fluid as a backup.

Control Caffeine Consumption

The problem with caffeine is that it dehydrates the body. People may feel they have had enough fluid throughout the day because they consumed coffee or diet soda, but they could end up seeing larger numbers on the scale instead.

Make Juice Drinks

Most juice drinks have a lot of sugar and that leads to weight gain in the belly. Even all-natural juice drinks that contain only natural sugars will have high levels of fructose that can cause weight gain. It is better for people to consume the fruit than the concentrated sweetness of the juice. Another option is to make juice at home so the beverage also has the fiber from the fruit and no added sugar.

Assemble Smoothies Carefully

Fruit and vegetable smoothies can boost nutritional intake, or they can lead to weight gain and bloating. The problem is in the other ingredients people add. Avoid sweeteners, keep out dairy products, and add more vegetables than fruit. The sugar content of fruit makes them much higher in calories than vegetables.

Belly fat accumulates so easily, but it is a struggle to remove. An awareness of how the body reacts to different foods and beverages can enable people to shrink their waistline much more than they have in the past. Experts estimate that people need to lose between 4-8 pounds to lose an inch from their waists.