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This Man Is Making a Difference in the Lives of Kidney Patients

There are many kidney disease sufferers in the world today and the disease can touch people of all ages. This disease touched Jim Plante and his family in a major way. Since then, he has worked tirelessly to make a difference in the lives of other kidney disease sufferers so more people could be saved from the ravages of this disease.

Jim Continues to Make a Difference

When Jim was young, he worked at his father’s medical equipment company and become fascinated by the many types of medical treatments that were available at the time. When working for his father, he was able to learn about healthcare and what it really means to the patients who so desperately need it.

Jim started out on his own, becoming an entrepreneur who worked in healthcare technology. He has since acquired over thirty years of experience in entrepreneurship. His consistent desire has been to work on projects that advance technology, allowing those with chronic diseases to receive the medical care they require to live longer, healthier lives.

His passion for chronic disease care began when he first learned his father was diagnosed with a genetic disorder called Polycystic Kidney Disease. Regrettably, there was limited testing during that time and Jim’s father did not learn he had the disease until it was too late. After a successful kidney transplant, he later died of cancer.

Jim Refuses to Stop

Although many people tell Jim it is time to slow down and that he should go into retirement, there is still that drive that refuses to stop. He is still just as committed to making changes in the healthcare industry now as he was thirty years ago.

Jim is working as the CEO, founder, and chairman of Klotho Therapeutics. This company is focused on using a modified Klotho protein and hormone to help in the prevention and treatment of kidney disease and other diseases like diabetes, cancer, and degenerative diseases. He continues to press forward, even though he has the same disease that took his father so many years ago. Jim is a man who is truly making a difference in the healthcare industry.