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Jim Plante and the Way Genetics Research Is Revolutionizing Medicine and Other Fields

Nearly anyone who begins studying genetics quickly realizes how complex the subject is. Many do not delve into this topic very thoroughly until they take a college course such as zoology or botany. People who are interested in genetics and its relationship to health may want to learn more about an entrepreneur named Jim Plante and the variety of companies he has founded.

The Companies and Their Focus

Mr. Plante’s companies focus on healthy aging and a commitment to preventing, curing, and effectively treating debilitating diseases. An investment firm called Thynk Capital funds businesses on the ground floor of cutting-edge biotechnology and pharmaceutical products. Klotho Therapeutics is developing a product that has the same function as the natural Klotho protein and gene found in the human body. Klotho has significant positive effects on the aging process by reducing and delaying the development of diseases. These are just two examples.

DNA and Its Effects

Decades ago, people generally did not give a whole lot of thought to how DNA affected their everyday lives. Of course, they noticed that immediate family member sometimes strongly resemble one another, and they knew that certain health conditions seem to run in families. Today, though, it has become increasingly apparent that DNA is associated with almost innumerable factors for each individual. Even the aspect of whether ibuprofen or acetaminophen is more effective for a headache can come down to a person’s genetics.

An Ongoing Revolution

The study of genetics has revolutionized the world of medicine and has strongly affected various legal fields. With the advent of paternity testing and DNA identification, family lawyers and criminal investigators could have more certainty in their cases. In medicine, scientists hope to find ways to alter gene expression so that inherited disease could be prevented or cured.

When someone decides to follow Mr. Plante and the companies on social media, interesting news reports will inform the reader about new investments and progress in research. The sheer number of studies that are ongoing at any time will be overwhelming to keep up with, so this person will want to narrow the focus to certain subjects of particular fascination.