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He Is a Man on a Mission to Protect the Health of Others

There are many men and women who are making a difference in the lives of people all over the world and Jim Plante is one of them. He has worked tirelessly as an entrepreneur for over thirty years, keeping his passion alive for helping those suffering from kidney disease and other chronic ailments. It all began with a small job helping his father working in his medical supply company.

From Humble Beginnings

Jim is a man on a mission and he refuses to give up on those who need him most. His passion for helping others began when he learned about the illness his father had. The genetic disorder ended up costing his father his life because there were not ample testing methods in those days. His father discovered, too late, that he had a disease that would eventually take his life, even though he had a kidney transplant.

When Jim learned he too had the disease, it brought the problems of limited medical care to life for him. He knew he had to do something to begin implementing changes in the care given to chronic disease sufferers so he started out on a journey that has brought him great joy.

Jim Seeks to Help Kidney Disease Patients

Jim is the CEO, founder, and president of Klotho Therapeutic which is a company that is working on the development of human klotho protein in the fight against kidney disease. It is hoped the research carried out by this company will continue to make a big difference in the lives of many victims of chronic disease, including those fighting diabetes and cancer.

Now, Jim is serving on the board of trustees for the BioGerontology Research Foundation. He refuses to stop going and will not give up on his desire to see better medical treatments available for those who suffer chronic disease. Through his companies’ research, great strides have been made in the world of healthcare, but there is still a lot to be done. It does not appear Jim will be stopping his efforts any time soon, as he continues on the path towards greater discoveries.