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Jim Plante Explains the Benefits of Preventative Health Care

Making sure to get regular medical checkups is one of the best gifts a person can give themselves to maintain their well-being and health. What many people don’t realize is that chronic diseases account for approximately seven out of every 10 deaths in people in the U.S. each year. They also account for over 75 percent of all healthcare costs in the country.

Unfortunately, many people who are suffering from these conditions and ultimately dying don’t have to. Preventative care can prevent a wide array of these conditions. Keep reading to learn about the biggest benefits of seeking preventative care here.

Preventative Medicine Explained

While there are an array of explanations of what preventative medicine is, put simply, it’s the screenings, tests, and checkups that are done to ensure a person is in good health, and to take action and begin treatment if they aren’t. There are many people willing to go to the doctor when they are sick but avoid going if they feel fine. This is where the mistake occurs.

Most chronic diseases don’t have symptoms in the earliest stages, according to Jim Plante. As a result, it’s hard to know that something is going on. However, with preventative screenings and health checks, it’s possible to find the signs of an issue and seek treatment before the disease reaches an incurable stage.

Benefits Offered by Preventative Health Care

Preventing chronic diseases is something that involves self-care, such as exercising regularly, eating a healthy, balanced diet, and giving up various unhealthy behaviors, such as smoking and drinking. It’s also necessary to see the doctor each year for mental and physical health screening. Some specific benefits offered by preventative health care include that it can increase a person’s lifespan, help them avoid uncomfortable or painful symptoms, the ability to remain active and make the treatment of chronic diseases much easier.

Don’t put off getting care, undergoing tests, and using screenings for all they offer. Doing this will pay off in the long run and help ensure a person remains as healthy as possible for as long as possible, regardless of their age.

Bug Discovered in Skype Updater Process

Can Facebook Credentials Really be Stolen by GhostTeam Adware?

With the support of mobile security teams from Trending Micro and Avast, the technology giant Google has unveiled a new malware set that may be used to steal Facebook credentials on the Android platform. In turn, infected devices may push advertisements to unsuspecting users. While the malware was discovered and reported by the Google Team in January 2018, experts said that since April 2017 the malware was in the Play Store.

The Trend Micro and Avast teams have recorded 53 Play Store apps in total. Since April 2017, most of the compromised applications have been on the Android Play Store and in similar time.

Okay, the bad news is that the GhostTeam adware really did it, stealing Facebook credentials, infecting computers and marketing to unexpected users. The good part is that all 53 compromised devices have been deleted from the Play Store since it was found.

Let’s learn something about this adware:
??The GhostTeam adware seems to have originated from Vietnam, according to Avast and Trend Micro.
??Vietnamese is the default language for many of the infected devices in the Play Store.
??English versions are also available for the infected apps. The Vietnam IP host servers are communicated by command control.
??In Brazil, Indonesia and India, over 60 percent of infections occur. Users have also been affected in great part in Vietnam, Australia and the Philippines.

??Cleaning apps, computer improvement apps, compass apps, QR code scanners, flashlight apps and other non-professional applications are the most infected devices.

Trend Micro had a list of all applications that have been infected. Facebook users were advised to change their Facebook credentials instantly if they noticed any of these applications on their phones and enabled two factor authentication. unblock websites

Avast and Trend Micro mobile security experts were saying that scoundrels used the malware to make money from advertising on compromised phones. This was made possible by unsuspected users who became part of a unscrupulous social promotion service through the surreptitious sharing and the liking of content with their compromised accounts.

It is kind of horrible to imagine that your sharing and liking histories are followed, recorded and even made use of by malware. To avoid this, you should be more careful while surfing the Internet. We hereby recommend you to use a VPN service help hide your real IP address, encrypt your Internet activities and further prevent you from many online criminal acts.

He Is a Man on a Mission to Protect the Health of Others

There are many men and women who are making a difference in the lives of people all over the world and Jim Plante is one of them. He has worked tirelessly as an entrepreneur for over thirty years, keeping his passion alive for helping those suffering from kidney disease and other chronic ailments. It all began with a small job helping his father working in his medical supply company.

From Humble Beginnings

Jim is a man on a mission and he refuses to give up on those who need him most. His passion for helping others began when he learned about the illness his father had. The genetic disorder ended up costing his father his life because there were not ample testing methods in those days. His father discovered, too late, that he had a disease that would eventually take his life, even though he had a kidney transplant.

When Jim learned he too had the disease, it brought the problems of limited medical care to life for him. He knew he had to do something to begin implementing changes in the care given to chronic disease sufferers so he started out on a journey that has brought him great joy.

Jim Seeks to Help Kidney Disease Patients

Jim is the CEO, founder, and president of Klotho Therapeutic which is a company that is working on the development of human klotho protein in the fight against kidney disease. It is hoped the research carried out by this company will continue to make a big difference in the lives of many victims of chronic disease, including those fighting diabetes and cancer.

Now, Jim is serving on the board of trustees for the BioGerontology Research Foundation. He refuses to stop going and will not give up on his desire to see better medical treatments available for those who suffer chronic disease. Through his companies’ research, great strides have been made in the world of healthcare, but there is still a lot to be done. It does not appear Jim will be stopping his efforts any time soon, as he continues on the path towards greater discoveries.

Tips for Getting Rid of Stubborn and Unwanted Fat

There are millions of people around the country and the globe who are actively trying to get rid of stubborn, unwanted fat. Unfortunately, this isn’t always an easy process. While liposuction can help eliminate pockets of fat, a person has to invest time and effort into lifestyle changes to keep the fat gone for good.

For those who are struggling to lose unwanted fat, they should consider trying some of the tips here. These tips can help a person get rid of unwanted body fat once and for all.

Stop Trying to Diet

Move from an eat less exercise more (ELEM) approach. This means a person should either eat less and exercise less (ELEL) or they should eat more and exercise more (EMEM). This is something that can fight the law of metabolic compensation and that will help a person lose stubborn fat.

Cycle a Diet

Try cycling the diet being followed. The way to do this is by having periods where more food is consumed, and more exercise is done that changes out with periods where fewer exercises are done and less food is eaten. This is going to help to build muscle and to burn fat while keeping a person from bulking up or becoming “skinny fat.”

Target the Area Where the Stubborn Fat is Located

It’s a good idea to try targeted supplements, along with lifestyle strategies and exercises to help suppress or to bypass the alpha receptors and to elevate the beta receptors. Doing this is going to help release the fat from the stubborn areas in the body quickly.


Water is key to any diet or exercise regimen. People who don’t drink enough water during the day tend to hold on to more fat than those who do. Drink more water to eliminate stubborn fat.

When it comes to getting rid of unwanted and unneeded body fat, there are more than a few tips that can be used to help make this happen. If a person is still having trouble, it’s a good idea to speak with a doctor about other options that may be better suited for the situation.